Costco's free food samples will no longer be served because of concerns over the Coronavirus.

As shoppers headed to the store this week for groceries, customers at Costco noticed something was missing. The free food samples they usually enjoy weren't being served. For safety reasons, the store chain has temporarily stopped them.

According to,

"The Instagram account @CostcoDeals, which shares information about in-store discounts and new products, shared a post declaring that Costco had suspended serving samples in stores "until further notice." Just got word, one of our followers is a sample person for CDS which is Costco’s vendor who does all the food samples and looks like they will not be serving samples for the foreseeable future," the account captioned the post."

"Multiple store locations in different regions of the country said they stopped serving samples earlier this week. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, there are no food product samples. Representatives from stores in multiple locations in all confirmed that they had temporarily suspended the service of free food samples and did not know when they would resume the practice."

When you're planning your next trip to Costco, please make sure you eat before you go.

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