April is National Organ Donation Monthand if you were in or around the Heart Hospital at SwedishAmerican last Saturday, you might have noticed some hullabaloo going on in the parking lot and within the walls of the Heart Hospital. Turns out that hullabaloo was actually a whole bunch of awesome dance moves for one very important reason...to celebrate hope.

Organ Donation is always a very important movement/cause, but when you consider all of the Hell we've dealt with in this last year thanks to the pandemic, the message of "hope" that organ donation really represents takes on an even bigger meaning.

So, what's the best way to celebrate hope? A flash mob! Check this out...


SwedishAmerican Health System - Flash Mob 2021 from Mark McDonald on Vimeo.

On Saturday that flash mob dance was followed by a flag raising ceremony outside the Heart Hospital at SwedishAmerican where staff observed 1 minute and seven seconds of silence to honor the current 107,000 people on the national organ donation wait list. That stat, and this post on SwedishAmerican's Facebook gave me instant goosebumps...


Is your name on the organ donor list yet? Please consider registering now at lifegoeson.com. Just the few minutes that it takes to provide your information, could literally save 8 lives in the future. How cool is that?!?

One last note in case you didn't notice it in the above picture and video...I can't decide what I like better, the flash mob dancing itself, or what the t-shirt says that most of the performers are wearing. I need to get my hand on of those soon! LOL!

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