In addition to Father's Day this weekend, Flag Day is Saturday, June 14, 2014. All across the Stateline, our American Flag will be flying high and proud. Here are tips on the proper way to display your Red, White and Blue according to The American Legion.

In order to properly display and show respect for our American symbol, here are a few tips from The American Legion to make sure we all know the proper way to display Old Glory. 1) When displaying in a window, the flag should have the Canton or Union of Stars (Blue) to the left of the outside observer.

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2) The flag should not be draped on a car or podium. Instead, use red, white, and blue bunting, with the blue on the top.

3) When displaying vertically, the Canton (Blue section with stars) must be in the upper left corner as you look at it. The flag should never be displayed with the Canton down, except as a distressed signal.

4) The flag should never be used as wearing apparel or bedding.

5) When flown from a pole, the fly end of the flag should be able to wave freely. Do not secure it to a frame.

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Hopefully these tips encourage all of us to be proud and properly wave Old Glory this Saturday. God Bless America.....and thank you for displaying your flag this Saturday in advance.