With Valentine's Day is this Sunday, who says you have a to spend a lot of money to let that special someone know how much you love them?

These five tips not only are great ideas for gifts but you can still save money.

Yahoo Finance has a list of five tips to help you make a memorable and special Valentine's day with out breaking the bank.

1. Spread out the love. You don't have to do it all on Valentine's day, why not spread it out for the whole week? Send them flowers one day, bring them lunch at work, take them to a movie, etc...

2. It's the thought that counts. Don't run out and find the most expensive piece of jewelry or electronics item, etc.. Think about the little things they like and buy those. Maybe their favorite candy or beverage or bath and shower gels, etc... Or find something that reminds them of a special moment or event you both went to. This is where making something for them isn't a bad idea either. You took time to make this item just for them.

3. Prepare a candlelight dinner at home. There are some many easy meals to prepare at home anyone can do it. how about a fondue night that would be super easy and unique. Or why not have take out from your favorite restaurant.

4. Shift it by a day. If being among the busy Valentine dinner crowds or making your own dinner intimidates you just shift your celebration by a day. Go a day early or the day after, who says you have to do it on the day? Right!?

5. Gifts cards. If you're stumped for ideas gifts cards are always good. Get it to their favorite store, or better yet how about a spa day or spa service like massage, facial, pedicures, or manicures at their favorite salon and spa? those would always be welcome in my book.

See it really doesn't have to be that hard. Just stop, breathe, take a moment to relax and think, you'll come up with something that they're sure to love and enjoy.