Did you get enough shopping done on "Black Friday"? If not, then you will love this day.

"Cyber Monday" is today and people will be online all day long looking for the best deals. Here are five tips to keep in mind, from the fine folks at The Week:


1. Plan your shopping early

Hopefully you had a plan on what sites you were going to this morning. The last thing you want to do is to go to a website and then feel the temptation of an impulse buy, forgetting what you really wanted to get.

Rob Carroll, Townsquare Media

2. Don't forget local stores in your area

There are national retailers that offer "Cyber Monday" specials. But, don't forget about the local shops around the Rockford area that will also be offering online deals.


3. Check the timing of the deal

Most times, the deals that are available are only for a certain period.  The earlier the better.

Pekka Jaakkola

4. Make sure your internet is up and running

There is nothing worse than having a slow internet connection and then missing out on the deal that you wanted. Safest bet is to stay at home if your internet is solid. Otherwise, head to an establishment that has wifi and make sure they are not busy.

Catherine Yeulet

5. Don't get taken for hidden costs

You could be getting a great deal on something you order. Then you find out the shipping takes away all of the savings and then some. Check to make sure your shipping is reasonable and you aren't having any extra charges tacked on.


Have fun shopping!!