Has the winter weather got your down. Well then we need to think about something fun and warm, like say a trip to Las Vegas. You know we're giving one away this month.

I've never been to Vegas, but would love to go, and for any first timer (like me) there are a few things, five to be exact, that you should know about the place.

Las Vegas Logue posted a quick and simple list of five things you should know about the gambling capitol in the south west.

1. Las Vegas isn't just for adults. We've all heard it called "Sin City" and therefore many shy away from taking their family there, but in reality there is something for everyone in Las Vegas. There's "magic, acrobatic and full performance shows. The Bellagio fountains are fun for everyone and the animal exhibits at MGM Grand and the Falmigo are free. There's the AdventureDome at Circus Circus that entertains kids and teens for hours on end, and there are also several other educational exhibits and cultural events too."

2. Las Vegas is affordable. Just be smart when planning your trip. If you have a budget you can stay within it and not go overboard. It's those that use the Mantra "What Happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" are those that get into trouble indulging themselves and not keeping track of their receipts and money.

3. There's more to Las Vegas than just the strip. You can find all sorts of fun things to do that are off the strip. It's recommended that any first-timer should visit "the downtown area, known as “old Vegas” can be found. Cheap coin slots, $1.00 margaritas and street entertainment are all part of the fun once you venture into downtown.

4. The weather there is awesome. Yes it can get hot in the summer months, but face it anything is better than what we're dealing with right now. Right? Locals say the best weather months are "September through November and February through May, as this is when you’ll find temps in the 70-90F range, lots of sun and comfortable breezes".

5. You don't have to attend a convention to enjoy the city. Yes, many companies hold conventions there but that doesn't mean you can only go when there's a convention in town or worse yet stay away because of a convention. In fact you might be able to get in cheap to one of interest.

Now reviewing all of those tips, I really want o go don't you?

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Wow! All you have to is pack. Pretty cool right?!

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