Free things are always good. But, are they worth the hassle?

Here are five items on area Craigslist that prove that anyone will go to great lengths to get rid of things. Or in the case of one item, just have some fun.


1. Free Hay

I am not sure if I want hay that has been sitting for a long time. Then again, it can be used as a seat for a BBQ.

2. Free Bad Water Heater

Just what I always wanted. A water heater that doesn't work. Unless there is a reason to scrap it for cash, I don't think it could be worth much.

3. Free Mattress.

I wonder if the cute cat comes with.



4. Free Adult Diapers

I hope that they are getting rid of the diapers because the problem has been solved. It would be sad if they are letting go because of something worse.


5. Free Music To End Loneliness

This is the listing I mentioned that was just for fun. They posted a picture of the Dalai Lama and said to watch You Tube videos of the monk. I am pretty sure you don't have to drive far to pick up that item.