Shoppers in Chicago saw smoke and flames coming out of a 50th floor window of the John Hancock Building. Multiply emergency crews were called in to help the many in the skyscraper. Amazing only five people were injured. Here's what caused the fire, this Saturday afternoon?


Can you image being on any floor of the Hancock Building in downtown Chicago and hearing a fire alarm, seeing smoke wondering which way to get out?

Tim Boyle, Getty Images
Tim Boyle, Getty Images

According to the Chicago Tribune, "Police closed traffic on North Michigan Avenue due to the fire, which started on a residential floor. As of about 3:30 p.m., fire officials, who said that the fire had been put out, raised the fire to a 2-11 alarm, bringing more units and personnel to the scene to help with searches and well-being checks for building occupants.".


At least six ambulances were called to the scene as a precaution. Seems something in the kitchen caught fire and spread quickly.

I have seen the motion picture "Inferno" which is about a fire in a sky-scraper and all I can picture in my head is that movie.  It's still amazing only five people were taken to the hospital after the fire.



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