I have a tough job ahead of me; to figure out the perfect first Father's Day gift for my husband after he knocked it out of the park for Mother's Day.

I  have already warned him that his gift will in no way be as awesome as the diamond band he gave me for Mother's Day. You are probably thinking, "jewelry is awesome, but lots of women get that for Mother's Day." True, but the band he gave me is an exact match to my wedding band and included instructions that I am to pass it on to Ella on her first Mother's Day, so that we will both match. See. He knocked it out of the park.

Ya'll, I have a tough hill to climb here. Last year for Father's Day we invited our family over for a gender reveal party. We did not know the gender until we sliced this cake. So basically, last year I gave him a girl for Father's Day. How do you top this?

I already have one gift for him, but I am trying to figure out something as thoughtful to show him how lucky Ella and I are to have him, and how very much we love him. Just look at this picture I took this weekend of my two loves. It melts my heart.

So...what do I do? Any suggestions you have for great gift ideas, let me know. I sure would appreciate it.

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