Finally matchmaking has some real benefits. Yes, successfully fixing up two people we care about makes us feel all warm and fuzzy, but let's be honest. Becoming 10 grand richer on top of getting the warm fuzzies is even better. If you agree, then you need to get to know Ren right now.

Ren You is a 29-year-old living in Birmingham, Alabama who has a Harvard MBA and works at a private equity firm. He works a lot of hours, and hates to be inefficient. Ren says he has tried dating websites, and that he has met people through friends, but he has not found love yet. Ren feels that if he stuck with those ways of meeting people, he probably would find someone in a couple of years, but that's awful time-consuming, and Ren hates to be inefficient, remember?

That is why, with the blessing of both his parents, he started the website On his website you will find pictures of Ren, his background information, and some of his likes and dislikes. You, or someone who loves you, (your Mom) can also submit your dating resume for Ren to review for a possible love connection.

Ready for the best part?

If you are responsible for finding Ren a girlfriend for at least six months, you will be $10,000 richer! Ren has already received hundred of dating submissions, so you better get on it today for consideration.

One last note...Don't even think about trying to "fake it" with Ren. He says he'll be able to tell if someone is a fraud, because six months is a lot of time for someone to pretend to be a loving girlfriend. In summary, if he doesn't feel the love, no money for you!

Good luck!