Avengers Endgame officially opened across the globe last night, Ans the first round of reviews for 10 year culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been stellar. It looks like the new Avengers film will Decimate most motion picture records over the weekend. I have my tickets and I will finally get a chance to see it Sunday.

This morning one of my co-workers told me to Google Thanos this morning. Of course being the super fan that I am, I ran to my desk to see what would happen and it did not disappoint. So what you do is just open Google and type in Thanos in the search bar , afterwards a pic and info come up on the right of your screen. Underneath the pic of him there is a small cartoon looking Infinity Gauntlet. left click on it and watch the magic happen. The screen mysteriously scrolls down and then half of the search results start to disintegrate and disappear.

If you click the Gauntlet again, everything starts to come back. Way to go Google! This is just too cool for Marvel fans. Hopefully you get to see the movie this weekend. No spoilers please.


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