Yes, touch screens in restaurants tested positive for containing fecal matter. That's not all, there are more concerns that come with the discovery.

These tests reportedly happened across the pound at a handful of fast food joints in England. Think whatever you want but it's safe to assume public touch screens over here are probably just as gross if not worse. But, back to the poo, here's what researchers learned, according to Delish.

We were all surprised how much gut and [fecal] bacteria there was on the touchscreen machines. These cause the kind of infections that people pick up in hospitals.

In the study, which first reported by The Metro, some of the bacteria on the screen included Toxic Shock Syndrome, a.k.a. staphylococcus. It gets worse, according to a scientist at London Metropolitan University, the findings are frightening.

Paul Matawele called the bacteria 'so contagious.' He was also concerned about the listeria, klebsiella, and proteus strains found, each of which contributes to a different serious illness.

The fast-food restaurant where the touch screens are used did comment on the study expressing the screens are cleaned regularly and they do provide restrooms for customers and staff to wash their hands. Yes, because everyone washes their hands regularly.

Read more about the study here.

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