I love my dogs to the moon and back, but worrying about what I am feeding them drives me nuts. It's not that I don't care if the food I am feeding them is harmful, it's that I can never figure out what the best option is.

One simple Google search of a certain dog food brand can reveal so many positive and negative reports, and the "natural" brands are even included in some "naughty" lists which really leaves me confused.

ABC News reports that the Food and Drug Administration has been researching reports of a link between several dry dog food brands and dogs getting congestive heart failure.

According to ABC News;

Some well-known brands are among the 16 the FDA identified as having the most reported cases of DCM [dilated cardiomyopathy]. The companies had between 10 and 67 reports each of cases of DCM that were reported to the FDA.


Food and Drug Administration
Food and Drug Administration


Looking at the brands on that list makes my stomach turn a little. It has to be noted that no product recalls have been issued for any of these dog food brands, but the FDA wants to be transparent about the reports they have received. To read more about the FDA's ongoing investigation into this link between dry dog foods and canine heart disease, click here.

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