Fans of St. Patrick's Day in Illinois have stolen a famous Christmas tradition.

Christmas Tree Are A Famous Christmas Tradition

If you did a top five list of the most famous Christmas traditions, I believe the Christmas tree would be included. Most people and places have them. Plus, you can find the decoration all over the world.

Museum of Science & Industry Christmas Trees From Around The World
Museum of Science & Industry Christmas Trees From Around The World

St. Patrick's Day Is A Very Popular Holiday In Illinois

When it comes to holidays celebrated in Illinois, of course, you have the big ones like Christmas but there are also the secondary ones. Leading that bunch is St. Patrick's Day. Some of the biggest and best parties in the United States are held in our state.


Pop-Up Bars For The Holidays

Nowadays, you hear a lot about pop-up bars, especially in Chicago. They are places with a theme to draw customers. For example, for a special holiday, they will hang a bunch of decorations. Right now, you can find a bunch of St. Patrick's Day pop-up bars in the Windy City.


Before There Were Pop Up Bars

Before there were pop-up bars, owners just threw up a couple of cheesy decorations and they were set for whatever holiday. One neighborhood tavern by where I grew up, would leave up their Christmas tree all year. Then they would just decorate it with things for the time of year. During St. Patrick's Day, they would put some beers cans and whiskey bottles in it.

St. Patrick's Day
Erik Cardona

Christmas Decorations Are Still Up

March is getting ready to begin. The next holiday is St. Patrick's Day. I have noticed throughout Rockford many residents still have their Christmas decorations up. Seems a little late but maybe they want a head start for next year. I have an idea for those people.

A beautiful display of Christmas lights brighten a dark snowy evening.
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Fans Of St. Patrick's Day Steal Famous Christmas Tradition

I recently heard about something fans of St. Patrick's Day are doing in Illinois. They are stealing a famous Christmas tradition. I think it is pretty cool. They are putting up St. Patrick's Day Christmas Trees.

According to,


"St. Patrick's Day trees quickly became the latest trend surrounding Ireland's national holiday and there's more than a slight resemblance to Christmas trees."


"In fact, they are Christmas trees. They just have some St. Patrick's Day adjustments. "



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