If a gas shortage overtakes Illinois the state is not to blame, for once.

There are more and more gas shortage stories coming from the east coast and the south, all because of the recent Colonial Pipeline hack. Three key facts you need to know are: this is real and only affecting specific states, it will last several days, and you shouldn't store gasoline in plastic bags.

Which states get fuel via the Colonial Pipeline?

According to Washington Post, the pipeline flows from Houston through the Southeastern states, and up the East Coast to New Jersey. This is nowhere close to the Land of Lincoln nor Illinois' surrounding states.

There is no reason to expect gas stations to run dry outside the areas serviced by the Colonial Pipeline. Unnecessarily filling up your tanks in other areas is just likely to needlessly deplete supplies. (Washington Post)

From a local standpoint, even gas and oil experts at Illinois Oil and Gas Association (IOGA) have said the recent shortage should have zero effect on the state.

The Bottom Line?

The executive vice president of that association didn't hold back in his statement to The Pantagraph.

I think it's temporary and local. People are aggravating (the problem) by buying gas for everything they can.

The falls in line with 2020's shortage of paper products and disinfected wipes and spray.

Personally, I've already witnessed gasoline hoarding with my own eyes. Think of it this way, a gas shortage will cause prices to rise even more which could be a problem for families already struggling.

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