One thing you can always count on is that when you are part of an agricultural community, when a fellow farmer needs help, the community will chip in to help.

Carl Bates is a grain farmer in the small town of Galva Illinois. He was recently diagnosed with terminal form of cancer and doctors gave him just months to live.

If you know of a farmer or have experience in farming you know that the job of harvesting your crop requires great health. This is not the case for Bates, whose physical condition was deteriorating rather quickly.. When it was time to harvest his corn this fall, he was bedridden and simply didn’t have the ability to do so.

When townsfolk around the Galva, IL area got word of Bates condition, they got together to help harvest Bate's 450 acres of corn....and boy did they show up in droves!

Fox 8 news reports:

On September 25, people came from every corner of pocket of Galva to assist.

“Everybody kind of came running,” Jason Bates said, when he mentioned to residents in his small hometown that a family member was in need.


“We talked to a couple guys, which turned into another couple guys, and another couple guys,” Jason said.


The day of the harvest, around 40 people showed up, including ladies with lunch. So did 16 trucks and 10 combines — covering over 450 acres in a single day, according to CNN affiliate WXIN.

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