I had my first experience traveling to Milwaukee to Miller Park to see my Cardinals play. What I didn't expect to see was something black and white. 

If you have not ever been to Miller Park, the setup for parking is nice. There are two different areas you can park at. We decided to park farther away (to save money of course).

It was a beautiful night for baseball. The Cardinals were starting a three game series against the Brewers. It is a beautiful stadium. Especially the landscaping. Which animals live in.

One of those animals was a skunk. As we were leaving the ballpark, we noticed something moving in the bushes. A closer look and it was a baby skunk.

Jill Boloski

He or she was enjoying a piece of food that was in the area. I have never been that close to a skunk before. Nor have I ever seen a skunk at a baseball game. Squirrels yes. Rabbits, yes. But a skunk? I am just glad that he didn't get scared and spray us. That would have been a long ride home.

Now please hold off on any references to which team smells like a skunk or stinks like one. Brewers and Cardinals fans can be sensitive.