It just isn't March 10th, but today is also "Middle Name Pride Day (MNPD)'

Yikes!  Did you know that Richard Gere's middle name is "Tiffany"?

Richard "Tiffany" Gere / Getty images

Today's holiday founded by Jerry Hill, who established this day so people won’t feel ashamed of their middle name and embrace it. Be thankful you have a normal middle name because there a alot of famous celebrities that have 'less than stellar" middle names they probably don't want you to know about:

  • Hugh Grant: "John Mungo"
  • Hillary duff: "Erhard"
  • Matt Damon: "Paige"
  • Uma Thurman: "Karuna"
  • Leonardo DiCaprio: "Wilhelm"
  • Richard Gere: "Tiffany"

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So for all of us who have 'normal' middle names, celebrate the day today! Today is the perfect day to find out and pride and reveal your middle name to at least three people who don’t know what your middle name is. Also, call others by their middle name today. If you don’t have a middle name, ask why. have fun with it!