I know what I'm about to say may sound crazy but get this, elephants may be the key to preventing childhood cancer.

One doctor is making that his mission to find the cure and eradicate childhood cancer altogether.

This mission, according to ABC7 Chicago, to get rid of cancer is a personal one for Dr. Joshua Schiffman as he had cancer when he was 15. He became a doctor to continue to fight the disease and to find a cure and now that cure may just lie within the blood of elephants.

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Wow! It almost seems unreal but it true. I'm so thankful for doctors like Dr. Schiffman and those at research hospitals, like St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, that work tirelessly to find the cure of this evil disease that effects so many men, women and children everyday through the world.


If they can unlock the mystery can you imagine what this world will be like with no cancer, no fear of getting the call or the doctor breaking the news to you and your family. I really feel the sense of excitement in all of this, don't you?