It seems like nearly everyone has gotten one of these IRS scam phone calls. You know, the old "you-owe-us-money-so-give-me-your-personal-information-so-you-won't-go-to-jail" call. I've gotten several, but being aware that it's a scam, I just hung up. A cop in Eau Claire, Wisconsin decided that he'd go me one better and call them back.

Seriously, I've gotten this scam message no less than a dozen times between my home number and my cell. You sometimes wonder, with all the warnings we get about this scam, how anyone falls for it. But, they do. To the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars being scammed every year.

The set-up varies, but basically you'll get a call from someone claiming to be with the IRS. That person will inform you that you're terribly behind on tax payments, and that if you don't act immediately (with the person you're talking to), a warrant that has been issued for your arrest will be carried out ASAP. You can prevent this, according to the scammer's instructions, if you'll give them your personal info (name, address, phone number, license number, credit and/or debit card info, etc.) right now so this matter can be taken care of.

The thing is, the IRS does not make contact this way. They don't call you, and they don't issue a warrant through your local sheriff's department.

Here's Officer Kyle Roder, of the Eau Claire Police Department, returning a call he received earlier on his voicemail:

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