Do you remember ever eating a Fluffer-Nutter Sandwich as a kid?

Well now with these easy one bowl desserts you can have it as a treat!I came across this article in Buzz Feed for 27 one bowl desserts that are easy to make and as it states they only require one bowl to mix the treat.

I had to try the Fluffer Nutter Bars, to see if they tasted just like the sandwich. I can say they do, but man are they rich. Be prepared to drink a lot of milk with them, just like you did with the sandwich.

Susan Tyler; Townsquaremedia
Susan Tyler; Townsquaremedia

As you can see in the pan the staff is snapping them up. It is a treat that will go fast so you might want to make a larger pan than just an 8 x 8.

Also, when the recipe says do not over stir, pay attention. My marshmallow fluff didn't streak as well in the bars because I over stirred. They still taste good though. That's the most important  thing.

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