Even people who consider themselves "craft challenged" can make this super easy DIY baby shower gift in just a few minutes with a few extra supplies.

Last week my lovely coworkers had a "Radio Mommies" shower for me and another employee due to have her first baby girl in a month. It was super girly, pink, and fun!




All of our coworkers chipped in to give us each a basket full of goodies, but of course I had to get Lori, the mommy-to-be, a gift from Harper and I with an extra "sweet" touch.

I bought swaddle blankets off her registry, some clear Solo cups, and turned them into milkshakes every baby will love.



I've made these and placed them in fancied up drink holders, baskets, or boxes like pictured here. I placed some baby outfits under the tissue for this gift and attached a sign that said "For Your Little Sweetie". The saying is my favorite part.