Dustin Lynch's "Seein' Red" video amps up the singer's sex appeal on the sultry, guitar-driven track. Directed by Adam Rothlein, "Seein' Red" is part performance video part fantasy as Lynch dreams up a girl dressed in red from her dress and heels to her lips and nail polish.

"I really put a lot of time in to dreaming up how to capture the energy and sexiness that 'Seein' Red' is," Lynch tells ET of the "Seein' Red" video. "Adam Rothlein came up with the idea of us 'battling/performing' to a flashback or fantasy that escalates in to us being completely consumed by it, and I knew this was the perfect fit to bring this song to life."

The video stars model Yoli Lara as Lynch's object of affection, and despite their on-screen chemistry, the singer says they only met moments before the cameras began rolling.

"I introduced myself and within seconds, Adam was like, 'Okay, Yoli, jump in his lap and let's get to making out!'" Lynch says. "I mean, there were only 30 or more people watching, so totally normal."

As for his favorite scene? It didn't involve the making out. As the video comes to a close there is an explosion of color which covers the band and their instruments in red, and this was the most memorable moment for Lynch.

"The only thing I was able to salvage were my boots and they went from being solid black to now having some red highlights," he says. "Everything else, our clothes and most of our gear, we preserved and are going to do some cool things for charity with them."

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