McDonald's is taking a note from Dunkin's book by selling someone the donut empire has already perfect, donut fries. The suits and ties at Dunkin' aren't worried, though, according to

“We’re not surprised to see competitors imitate our success with Donut Fries given their popularity with customers, and we will continue to lead the way in introducing fun, unique, delicious items that bring smiles and keep people energized any time of day,” Dunkin’ said.

The golden arch isn't labeling their newest "limited time" menu item the same as its breakfast competitor instead they'll be called donut sticks. The proof lies in a leaked memo to McDonald's staff.

Here's are key bits of info in the memo:

  • "Only at breakfast."
  • Donut sticks are sweetened dough that are deep fried until golden brown, then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. They're light and crunchy on the outside and soft and warm on the inside.
  • They can be purchased as a half dozen (6) or as a dozen (12).
  • Customers can also choose to bundle - half dozen sticks and a small hot coffee for a special price.

You can see the leaked memo here.

Interestingly, Dunkin' gave similar to their donut fries just before the nationwide rollout back in July.

...individual pieces of delicious, buttery croissant style donut dough that are tossed in cinnamon sugar and served warm.

Dunkin Donuts via
Dunkin Donuts via

Oddly, the link to McDonald's Cinnamon Sugar Donut Sticks isn't working but the donut sticks are scheduled to roll out in February 2019. And, just an idea, why not ask for hotcakes syrup to dunk your donut sticks in? You can thank me later.

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