A drunk fool was showing his true colors at a Peoria, Illinois airport. Can you say "over served?" FoxNews

Richard Nelson

This beautiful human ordered a coffee and a whiskey in the airport cafe. The waitress said NO to serving him the whiskey, because he was loaded. This didn't sit kindly with drinky and he told the waitress he "had several knives on or about his person."

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Cops show up, the man says he will throw the knives away. They left him alone. WTH?

Police patrol in winter
Police patrol in winter

Less than an hour later, this same man made some more news when he was vaping and making people very uncomfortable. Cops once again show up, take man outside for "fresh air." That was it. Two calls, and this time fresh air.  They tried to convince him to grab a taxi and get a hotel room. the man refused and went back into the airport.

Businessman with luggage waiting in the airport
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This loaded individual went to the bathroom, locked himself in a stall and continued to drink and smoke. WTH??


Police went into the bathroom, got the locked door open and arrested to man. He was charged with:

Criminal trespassing

Resisting or obstructing peace officers

Well at least he didn't do any harm, just annoyed the crap out of people.

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