It's a common saying; drunk people don't make good decisions, and one man in Marshfield, Wisconsin just found that out the hard way.

Signs You've Had to Much to Drink

Many of us don't care to admit it, but we've all made questionable decisions when we've enjoyed one too many cocktails. Those dumb decisions could be as insignificant as drunk dialing or texting someone we shouldn't or, much worse, getting behind the wheel of a car and hitting the road.

I'm really hoping that you have never made such a grave error like this guy did in Marshfield, Wisconsin recently.

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Drunk Wisconsin Man Mistakes Police Station for Hotel

I have to thank my Mom for alerting me to this bizarre situation in Marshfield, Wisconsin, because she knows how much I enjoy dumb criminal stories, and this one hits close to our lake house...

According to the Marshfield News Herald;

At 2:26 a.m. Thursday, (1/4/24) officers saw a Toyota SUV parked crooked and only pulled halfway into a parking stall designated for police vehicles, according to a department report. The stall was in a parking lot at 1111 S. Chestnut Ave. in Marshfield, right next to the police department.

Reading that one would assume this guy may just be a terrible driver, but it's a whole lot stupider than that.


Marshfield News Herald's article goes on to say;

Officers checked the vehicle and found it was still running with the driver was slumped over in the driver's seat, according to the report. Officers knocked on the window to wake the man up, and he struggled to open his window. Officers saw several empty beer cans scattered throughout the vehicle and smelled a strong odor of intoxicants coming from the man's breath

So, this guy is obviously blackout drunk which is so not cool. When officers finally woke the man up he admitted that he "pulled into the parking stall because he believed the police department was his hotel".

In payment for his honesty, the guy enjoyed a ride straight to jail after getting arrested on suspision of his fourth drunk driving offense.

That, my friends, is a special kind of stupid.

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