My car is making this grinding and clicking sound, I can't figure out what it is? Oh wait, it's a freaking tree stuck in my grille!

These seltzers sure are great, I think I'll hit the road for a safe drive home. Meet Maryann Christy of Schaumburg, IL. She was driving home drunk, and nailed a tree. Instead of parking the car, calling for help, etc etc...she simply drove away, with the tree stuck in the grille of her car. SG

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Maryann actually drove for miles, with this tree stuck in her 2004 Lincoln's grille. A Roselle IL Police Officer, noticed the car driving past with a strange hood ornament. Cops say that Maryann drove for quite a while before stopping the car and pulling over.

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With air bags deployed, Maryann only remembers parts on the evening. Hitting the tree, sure. Where she was when she struck the tree, not so much.

Maryann failed sobriety tests, plural, she was arrested for DUI. She was actually pretty close to home, almost made it! Could you imagine her waking up the next morning, " how did that get there?"

This was no small tree. This wasn't the little pine tree in your neighbors yard. This was a full sized, freakin' tree stuck in her grille basically standing straight up in the air. Almost like some sort of float in a parade.

Along with the DUI there was an additional charge for driving with an "obstructed window." You think?

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