Job Interviews can be stressful in their own right. However, looking your part can be a stresser especially when you're low on funds. Face it interview suits aren't cheap.

No worries Goodwill's Attire to Hire program can help you dress for success!

WREX reports that Goodwill has a program called "Attire to Hire"that will help individuals in need by providing interview clothes. Those who qualify "will receive a voucher for two free outfits and a pair of shoes."

"It's a voucher that they can get, we fill it out together so they would just need to go to the store after it's approved and we send it there so they're not making extra trips. They can just go to the store," Goodwill Missions Coordinator Amanda Fisher says.

The program also includes vouchers for children to have decent clothes for school as well.

I think that is a really great idea and way to help those looking for better employment to not only look good but feel good to when out in the work world interviewing. Looking good only helps to boost your confidence that much more to really promote yourself in getting that next great job.

To learn more about Attire to Hire or the other programs that Goodwill has to offer, click here.