Reckless driving on Illinois streets is nothing new, but are instances of drag racing rising at an alarming rate? It sure seems that way.

Drag racing car burns rubber off its tires in preparation for the race

Illinois' Drag Racing Problem

Just last Friday a video of dragsters causing an uproar in one Chicago community went viral and ended with 2 men getting arrested and one car impounded.

Chicago isn't the only city in Illinois with a drag racing problem, dragsters are hitting the streets of Rockford frequently too.

Just this morning I saw a post on my Nextdoor app that said;

We've lived here only a few weeks but it seems like there are constant drag races going on at night, sometimes after midnight. Sounds like they're right outside our door.

Is this a common thing here?

So, what answers did this poster receive? A resounding yes, Rockford has a drag racing problem. Some of the comments include;

- Perryville is behind our house and it's constant. It's better once you can close the windows, but it's like a drag strip.

- We live off State near Showplace 16. It's a regular occurence.

- I live near Harlem/Alpine. It is normal everyday life here.

- We can hear that from State, Alpine, Charles, and Broadway.

I think you get the point, drag racing is happening all over the Rockford area, but what can we do about it?

How to Handle a Drag Racing Problem?

If you begin to notice drag racing is a continuous problem near your neighborhood, contact the Rockford Police Department immediately. As soon as you start hearing the sounds, make the call so a dispatcher can send officers to that area ASAP. Local police departments are trying their best to catch these reckless drivers, but I'm sure it is an overwhelming task, and they welcome our help.

Besides reporting drag racinf incidents to police, it's also a good idea to contact your Alderman and/or Community Service Officer to let them know what is going on too.

Hopefully, together we can make a difference and bring this reckless driving on city streets to a safer end!

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