Downtown Rockford is fortunate to have a beautiful Indoor Market Space to utilize and love all year long.

Ronit's Kitchen has been serving up delicious Mediterranean Cuisine in the Indoor Market Space for awhile now, but then COVID-19 hit, and the owners were forced to make the tough decision to close their doors for good on September 30. Many Rockfordians were sad upon hearing the news of Ronit's Kitchen closure, and one community activist was too upset to let it actually he just bought it!

WREX reports;

The Mediterranean restaurant was set to close on Wednesday. Instead, it will soon become, "Guzel." That is Turkish for, "beautiful." Community activist Mustafa Abdball says he could not see the restaurant at Indoor City Market meet its end. That's why he stepped up to by it.

Ronit's Kitchen also shared  the good news on their Facebook...



I know what you're thinking, a new name and new owners probably means a new menu too, so we're still going to miss our favorite Ronit's Kitchen dishes, right? WRONG! The new owner Mustafa Abdball told WREX; "the new menu will be similar to the menu customers know at Ronit's Kitchen." YAY!

The new ownership is official as of today, but the name change won't happen quite yet. Make sure you stop by the Indoor Market Space in Downtown Rockford today to grab a bite to eat, wish Mustafa and crew congratulations, and also tell him thank you for saving a local business!

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