I found a list of the best downtown cities in the United States and, as much as I'd like to critique it I can't. Of the 20 cities that made the list, I've only been to four, two of them are an hour and a half drive apart. The confusing part of this list is their numbering because one city is listed at #2 but mentioned again as the best. Which Illinois city earned the title of having the second-best downtown in all of America?

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This list, by Attractions Of America, doesn't give the best explanation for what parameters make these downtowns the best of the best. The only highlights pertaining to these areas are the "fascinating downtown areas" that have hidden gem dining options, amusement parks, and a lot of cultures throughout.

If it’s fun, education, and culture you’re after, then head downtown.

There were a few breakdowns for this list, including listing New York City as the largest downtown in the US, while Greenville. South Carolina and Sedona, Arizona, are two of the prettiest, and St. Augustine, Florida is the most Historic.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin made the list, at #11, for the city's "bastion" of culturally rich dining options, shopping, and booming nightlife. There's also a mention of Milwaukee's variety of culturally-themed parades throughout the summer.

Which Illinois City Has One Of The Best Downtown areas in the United States?

Illinois gets some serious bragging rights because one of its downtown areas landed on the list in the #2 spot but was also mentioned as the absolute best in America. This is confusing, right? Well, according to Attraction of America's numerical list, this city has the best pizza in America (their words), the deep dish. They did drop a little dig, though.

There are plenty of fun things to do in the park and less of the smog that characterizes the city.

Did you guess correctly? Chicago has America's second-best downtown, following downtown Manhattan. What is interesting is their recap of their own list, mentioning Chicago in the same thought of the best downtown in the country.

Which City Has the Best Downtown in the USA?

Chicago, Illinois, is often listed as the best downtown in the US for its historical sites, great food, and rich cultural experiences.

Here are the 10 best downtowns in America;

1. New York City

2. Chicago

3. Alexandria, VA

4. Burlington, VT

5. Indianapolis

6. Pittsburgh, PA

7.Savannah, GA

8. Seattle, WA

9. Greenville, SC

10. Santa Monica, CA

You can the full list of the 20 best downtown areas here.

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