We've all heard and used the saying "Put your money where your mouth is". I'm here to tell you: "DO NOT put your money where your mouth is".

Especially after reading about this study from NYU researchers.According to this article in the Wall Street Journal, they found over 3,000 types of bacteria on dollar bills. Bacteria from gastric ulcers, pneumonia, and staph infections. Yikes.

They also found 20% of the bacterias to be non-human. Eww. I don't even want to know about those.

So next time you're tempted to hold your money in your mouth when searching through your purse, wallet, or pockets. Don't.

Yuck I feel like I want to wash my hands and brush my teeth and tongue now.

Oh! By the way, you're welcome for the gross out yet informative fact of the day.


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