Yesterday morning I couldn't find my makeup bag with all the new makeup I had just purchased last week. So I dug in my drawer and pulled out some older cheaper stuff to use.

Big MISTAKE! My eyes watered all day from that.

Then I read this article about the dirty secrets that makeup holds.

According Works of Beauty a majority of us women are guilty of using makeup that is way beyond their expiration dates.

For instance did you know we are only to use mascara for 12 months and our eyeshadows and eyeliner should be tossed out after 24 months.

Wow! I am a major offender of this.I typically use the makeup until it's gone then go buy more to replace it. That is a major no-no for us.

We risk spreading germs in our eyes, lips and etc... with old out dated makeup. Ewwww!

I know what I'm doing this weekend. I'm cleaning out that drawer and tossing everything. Gross!

Here's a link with help in how and when we should clean our makeup brushes and applicators as well. Yeah we gotta keep those clean too.






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