I do not mow the lawn at home. It's not because I think I am a princess, or because I hate getting grass on me. Apparently It's because I am a girl, and to use the words of my husband, "I will cut my toes off." Seriously? Seriously.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm dying to mow the lawn several days a week, it's just that I get really irritated when I'm  told I can't handle it.

My irritation grew even further when I came across this video of a dog driving a zero-turn lawnmower. A FEMALE dog might I add.



You're telling me someone trusts their dog with the lawnmower, and my father and husband can't trust me? Oh heck no, that ends right now.



Let me stress at no point did I mention driving in straight lines, or the quality of my driving skills. I only said I could do it, and that is true. I just need more practice.