If we could get a casino built in Rockford, would you want it? Illinois lawmakers are discussing it.

Lawmakers are back in Springfield trying to nail down a budget. Seems like a long shot, I know. It's no secret Illinois needs all the money it can get but not at the expense of our hard earned money, right?

Governor Bruce Rauner and Illinois lawmakers are downstate trying to work on getting a budget in place as our state continues to dig a bigger hole - which is almost to China at this point. The conversation of riverboat casino expansion came up this afternoon, according to WREX. Here are some of their notes.

11:55 a.m.

An Illinois Senate committee is considering a massive expansion of riverboat casino gambling as part of a legislative package to break a state budget logjam.

The Senate Gaming Committee took testimony Wednesday on the plan permit casinos in Chicago and five other locations.

GOP Gov. Bruce Rauner is open to more casinos if communities want them.

Licensing fees would help pay the state's bills. Other revenue would go for education.

Critics are worried about public safety and an already saturated gambling market because of the explosion of video poker.

If the Police Department continues to expand and more precincts are added I don't see why a casino (or riverboat casino) in Rockford would be a bad thing. Money towards Illinois' debt, job creation, and tourists - all positive things.

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