A shocking claim about Stanley Cups has gone vial, and now many Illinois buyers are worried their beloved cups may be a serious health hazard.

Illinois' Stanley Cup Obsession

I truly believe the World, or at least all of America, has gone cuckoo for Stanley Cups, and this obsession effects all ages.

Every day since returning to school after Christmas break I've had to listen to my 10-year-old daughter complain that she is "the only kid in her class that doesn't have a Stanley Cup". (I kid you not).

I'm not against Stanley Cups or spending good money on a nice water bottle that is used daily, BUT I'm not spending it just so she can look cool. (The child doesn't even like drinking out of a straw or cups with handles).


I have explained to my daughter that I worry about her taking a water bottle with a straw to school because of all the germs, and that the handle on the cup wouldn't allow her to put it in her backpack pocket, but she doesn't care, she still wants one . Maybe telling her it could be dangerous for health will change her mind?

Claims That Stanley Cups Contain Harmful Lead

I belong to many crafting groups on Facebook, and laser engraving Stanley Cups is a popular area of discussion. Someone shared this post in one of my groups the other day, and I was like; wait, WHAT?!?

Are people actually spending thousands of dollars on a collection of cups that could kill them?!? The short answer is, maybe?

Do Stanley Cups Contain Lead?

After many videos of people testing their Stanley Cups for lead went viral, Stanley issued a statement that said;

Please rest assured that no lead is present on the surface of any Stanley product that comes in contact with you or the contents of your container.

Every Stanley product meets all U.S. regulatory requirements, including California Proposition 65, which requires businesses to provide warnings to Californians about heavy metal and chemical exposure.

The statement also said this...pay close attention to the underlined portion at the bottom.

So, drinking from a Stanley Cup may not give you lead poisoning, but is knowing that the cup does contain a little lead in the sealant enough for you to throw them out? That is the big question.

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