Another day... another spam. The old adage "too good to be true" needs to be top of mind more now more than ever before. Seriously, always err on the side of caution when lings like you're about to see pop into a text message or on Facebook groups.

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For the fourth time this week, I've seen similar "Walmart Relief Program" links sent to my phone and shared within local Facebook Groups. I'm telling you, they are fake.

Here is what these posts/links may look like on Facebook and on your phone.

On Facebook

Screen Shot via Facebook
Screen Shot via Facebook

Aside from "too good to be to be true", another indication is the comments being turned off, not typical in most of the city/town-related Facebook groups. Another, in my opinion, is "ADMIN APPROVED" at the beginning of the post.

Stop yelling at us, it won't make me believe this is real. Just stop.

On Your Phone

Here is one of the texts I received. (Yes, more than 1 has popped up for me via text.)

Screen Shot via iPhone
Screen Shot via iPhone

Never ever click those links, not in a text, not on Facebook, not in an email. Just leave it. Or, if you're like me, reply with GIFs, jokes, questions, or emojis. Nine times out of ten you will never receive a follow-up response.

Remember, these scammers know the coronavirus pandemic caused a lot of financial hardship for families. Like a true -------, they're trying to take advantage of whoever is willing, by any means necessary.

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