DISH Network is no stranger to blackouts and disputes with local television and now it's affecting Rockford-area viewers.

In a lengthy explanation, Quincy Media owned WREX is being 100% transparent in an on-going dispute with DISH Network Corporation over fair compensation from pay-TV programming. In short, DISH Network may be treating Rockford's NBC affiliate unfairly when it comes to a contractual agreement.

Our station is asking for fair and reasonable terms and compensation from DISH.  We are not asking anything more from DISH than we did from any other programming provider.  And we successfully concluded fair agreements with everyone else, without delays or disputes.

WREX isn't the only station DISH has had disputes with and, from the look of this list, it looks like WREX won't be the last. Continuing WREX's explanation...

DISH has a long track record of disputes and blackouts with broadcasters, including a current national dispute with Univision as well as other local stations, so what is happening with WREX is not unusual.

As far as viewers being of help, WREX is encouraging support by calling DISH
or one of several other viewing sources.

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