Dierks Bentley took his band to New York City to play 'Riser' on the 'Late Show With David Letterman,' and they delivered with a moving performance that was almost entirely acoustic.

Just days after performing 'Say You Do' on 'The Ellen Show,' Bentley gave a very different performance of a different song, the title track from his album. He traveled to 'Letterman' with a guitar, a mandolin, a violin and a bass, with the bass being the only instrument actually plugged in.

'Riser' hasn't been announced as a single, but perhaps it should be. "I'm a riser / I'm a get up off the ground / don't run and hide-er," Bentley sings. The album, much like the song, is filled with emotion. It was written the year after his father passed away.

As a song, 'Riser' is a song about persevering and being resilient, which made the intimate nature of the performance even more powerful. Letterman enjoyed it, too, repeatedly telling Bentley and his band that it was "beautiful."

Bentley will present at the 2015 Grammy Awards on Sunday (Feb. 8).

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