Yep, you did good with this choice People Country.

We have A LOT of hot men in Country music, but I certainly love me some Dierks Bentley and I'm glad to see him get the "hotness badge of honor" that he so richly deserves.

If you are wondering why People Country chose Dierks Bentley as this year's hottest Country man, here's their reasoning...

Fitted t-shirt clinging to toned muscles, sculpted blonde hair and those blue eyes sparkling in the afternoon sun ... It already makes for one really sexy photo shoot, but put Dierks Bentley in front of his airplane, a sleek Cirrus SR22T Xi that he'll use to fly himself to a private show later on, and the result is almost too hot to handle.


Yep, nailed it! Can't really argue with that, can you?

Ready to witness the hotness with your own eyes? Check out Dierks' "Mile High Interview" with People Country here:

Read all about it, and see pics of all kinds of hot country men in the new edition of People Country on newstands now.