The IOS Emergency feature on your iPhone allows you to handle an emergency situation quickly and in some cases discreetly.

About two months ago I was outside of the mall for a live broadcast with Lil Zim, as she was about to go on live I heard a loud screeching and crash. I looked over the hill and saw a car flipped over with two people inside, they were stuck. Instinctively grabbed my phone to dial 911... apparently, my thumbprint didn't want to recognize me that day... I was a little shaken and kept messing up my password on my phone... after a minute of I HATE YOU PHONE thoughts I got in and called 911.  Everyone ended up being okay, a few scrapes and the police got there in a very fast time frame, but I was a little upset about how long it took to call.

My friends, Apple has a quick fix for this problem.

If you have an iPhone 7 or earlier this could be a game-changer. The little button on the right side of your phone, click it five times. You will have a screen that pops up for an SOS Emergency call that links to your local emergency number. You just swipe the screen and it calls.

This quick feature could be a lifesaver. It is easy, quick and discrete. If you find your self in an emergency accident or worse situation keep this in mind as a fast route for help.

To learn more about the emergency iPhone features visit or click,

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