Well, the O Christmas Tree song goes "O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, how lovely are thy branches", but did you realize just how lovely they are?

Most of us discard our tree when we conclude the Christmas season, but not all of us apparently. There is a book called "How to Eat Your Christmas Tree". It is actually a cookbook which shows recipes utilizing our forest greenery to enhance some edible delicacies.

It shows recipes for cooking with pine, fir and spruce needles. I suspect a meal cooked with a specific needle will feature that needles smell and flavor as well. Perhaps some  salmon basted with cooking oil and a few pine needles might not be all that bad.  I'd be willing to try it. Would you?

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So before you discard your Christmas tree, you might think twice about other uses for it.  Oh, for the uninitiated, this will not work for artificial trees.


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