Under some streets in Wisconsin, there are some toilets.

The World Needs Restrooms

I may not know a lot but there is something that I definitely understand and that is the world needs restrooms. In fact, many are necessary everywhere. Have you ever been in a situation where you had to go really bad and there was no bathroom in sight? That is a horrible feeling.


Recently, I was driving back from a concert in Chicago. I had to go and there was no place close to stop, so I pulled over on the side of the road. When you got to go, you've got to go.


Restrooms In Strange Places

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you will find toilets in some strange places? Not the most ideal situation but at least there is one available. It could be a port-a-potty, those are the worst. One of my friends has a random toilet in the corner of his unfinished basement. In some European countries, they have urinals set up in public places because apparently there is a problem with people going in public.


Unique Toilet Situation In Milwaukee

In my world, I like to use the internet for fun. I believe it was created to share strange and interesting things with the whole world. This definitely fits that description.

I have been to Milwaukee many times and never knew these even existed. Back in my younger days, I might have tried to use one. There are toilets under some of the streets.

According to onmilwaukee.com,

“Sure enough, there was a vault about 10'x15' and 8-10' deep with a toilet in the corner. It had clearly been a long time since it was used, but the water piping was clearly visible. A few feet away there is a 4'x8' rusted metal access hatch that covers a full concrete stairway.”



I can not even begin to tell you how many times I am walking down the street in a big city and there is a grate on the sidewalk. I always wonder, what is in there. Usually, you can not see anything. How freaky would it be to see an underground public bathroom? It is so weird.


What's The Deal With The Underground Toilets In Milwaukee

Many years ago the city of Milwaukee had some neighborhoods that required a lot of landscaping maintenance. The workers spent so much time in those areas that they built underground sheds to store supplies and equipment. Toilets were included so the staff did not have to bother residents to use their home bathrooms. It is both interesting and creepy at the same time.


I suggest checking out the whole story for yourself, HERE.

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