The guitar-making capital of the world used to be Chicago.

Guitars Rule

I am a big fan of Rock music, so it would not be very difficult to guess my favorite instrument. Of course, it is the electric guitar.

Some of my favorite musicians are guitar players including Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen, David Gilmour, and Jimmy Page.

I tried learning how to play guitar but I did not quite have the skill. It never really clicked. I took lessons on a couple of different occasions but I just ended up getting frustrated and gave up.

What Chicago Is Known For

Chicago is known for many things. There is deep-dish pizza, Al Capone, Italian Beef Sandwiches, and Da Bears to just name a few. Have you notice a lot of famous food.

I recently found out something else that I had no idea about.

Did You Know

According to,

"Guitar making has always been important to the history of Chicago, which was once, the guitar-making capital of the world. For much of the twentieth century, the city was an epicenter of manufacturing guitars, amplifiers, and other instruments. But in recent years, as the mass production moved overseas, Chicago guitars seemed doomed to become a lost art."

That is a pretty cool fact but also very unfortunate because it is no longer true.

Learn How To Build A Guitar

Luckily, the art of building guitars has not been totally lost by the Windy City. Specimen Products in Chicago still makes guitars and instruments.

They were receiving so much interest from people in learning the skill of building guitars and working for their company, they decided to start their own school.

The Chicago School of Guitar Making was started in 2005. Now, you can get a degree involving your musical passion. You might not have what it takes to become a Rockstar but maybe you can work behind the scenes.

For more info, HERE.

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