When you're a picky eater like me and the rest of my family, narrowing down a restaurant to go to that everyone will like can be tricky. (We won't even talk about going to sit-down restaurants with young children, because that can be a whole mess in itself). I have learned that having many options to choose from, all in one place, is key to having a picky family all enjoy a meal out. This is the main reason why I love food truck festivals, there is something for everyone!

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Before I get into what's happening in Rockford tomorrow, let me just say I feel it is our duty as proud Rockfordians to eat all the amazing food this city has to offer, even if you have pickier tastes. Now for the good stuff...literally.

Get Ready to EAT At The Chow Down Food Truck Festival in Rockford

MASA, (the creators of Rockford's Tamale Fest), and Miracle Mile are teaming up for the Chow Down Food Truck Festival in the old Magna parking lot on E State St. this Saturday, (7/24) from Noon to 8 p.m. The brand new festival is free to attend and will feature some of the city's best, and most popular food truck vendors. I couldn't find a full of list of the food trucks that will be there on Saturday, but I did find this and now my mouth is watering...

GoRockford says that Chow Down Food Truck Festival will also feature out-of-town food vendors and some brand new ones too, soo...you will definitely get to try dishes you've never had before! Let's go! I'm hungry already...

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