It's a photo making the rounds on the internet. A picture of Cindy Crawford: The likes of which we have never seen, ever!

And to this I say Hooray!!!  It is uncertain at this time as to whether or not Cindy Crawford planned on having the photo released or not. reports say that Crawford planned to reveal her ‘real flaws’ in an upcoming issue of Elle magazine, while others say the photo was leaked without the supermodel’s knowledge.

Crawford, native of DeKalb, IL, was one of the world’s biggest supermodels in the late 1980s and 1990s and she will turn 49 next week. By 1995, she was the highest paid supermodel on the planet, according to Forbes.

In the photo, Crawford is wearing only black lingerie and a coat, exposing her cellulite, age marks and other flaws. says:

Who cares? I’m in!

Ladies, at ease. Now we can stop sucking in our stomachs for one blessed moment.

Thanks, Cindy or god or whoever is behind this reprieve for women over forty!