Here is just another cool story of community spirit in light of the tornado.

The DeKalb Tattoo Company is helping last week's tornado victims by giving $20 Tattoos!

According to the Northern Star, The DeKalb Tattoo Company in DeKalb is offering $20 tattoos today to help benefit the victims of the tornado just a week ago today.

Nick Misitano, owner of DeKalb Tattoo Company, tattoo benefit started yesterday and goes through today. He said he’ll do whatever kind of designs people want as long as he can get them done in 10 to 15 minutes. Also, the tattoos are first come, first serve basis.

Misitano said "It’s the next town over, you know? It could’ve been us.” That's why he decided to do $20 tattoos to help out everyone in the community who got hit by the storm and to make back what he has already spent on relief supplies.

DeKalb Tattoo Company is located at 817 W. Lincoln Hwy in DeKalb.

You know that's one thing that the big cities don't always get is that when trouble hits a small town the community of other towns band together to help them out. It's how we roll.

I'm so proud to be from a small town and so proud of my college town, NIU, for stepping up to the plate.

To find out more visit their face book page DeKalb Tattoo Company.