What will the government do if the zombie apocalypse happens? I bet you are wondering the same thing. You might not admit it, but I bet you are somewhat curious as to how our elected leaders and those in government would handle this horrific real life 'Walking Dead' event.

44-year-old DeKalb resident Tom Sherman wants to know what politicians think about this. According to the Daily Chronicle Newspaper, Sherman has established the Zombie Apocalypse Super Political Action Committee (PAC). It is a nonpartisan committee dedicated to asking politicians one important question

The question: “What role does government have in the zombie apocalypse?”

He wants all politicians to answer that question that has yet to be asked in any debate. At least, I did not hear it in the first Presidental debate last week on Fox

According to Sherman's website:

We at the Zombie Apocalypse Super PAC are here for you, the American people. While other Super PACs are out there putting forth the agendas of political parties or business interests, we are a non-partisan organization that wants to put out information, straight from the mouths of our elected officials, concerning how they feel about one issue. The most important issue. The Zombie Apocalypse.


We will interview them, write them, call them, and go to their rallies and town hall meetings and get the information that you, the American people, deserve. We will ask the only important question of this upcoming election season:

“What role does government have in the Zombie Apocalypse?”


We will not tell you who to vote for. We will just provide information so you can make a more educated decision.


Sherman has also set-up a Facebook page and says:

If you are not familiar with a Super PAC, it is political organization that can raise unlimited sums of money from corporations, unions and individuals, but can’t contribute directly to parties or candidates. The groups also can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money for political purposes outside of political campaigns.

So, do you think politicians should answer this question?

Read more about Tom Sherman's efforts HERE.