Really? We need to be warned about the dangers of Pokemon? If you live in DeKalb, consider yourself warned.DeKalb Police Department, on it's official Facebook Page, issued an official advisory to the citizen's of the Barb City warning of the dangers of the new Pokemon Go App/game.

The game, which is very popular, came out a few days ago and has taken the world by storm. The game itself allows users to capture, battle, and train 'virtual Pokemon'. The Pokemon, through the App appear in the real world.

Attention "Pokemon Go" players: The playing of this new game involves traveling about in the "real world" while looking at your mobile electronic device. This has led to some accidents as distracted game-players have tripped, fallen, or walked into traffic, buildings, signs or other objects without looking. It has also led game-players to wander around or loiter near businesses and stranger's homes, resulting in calls to the police for suspicious activity. Please be careful anytime you're looking at your mobile device while in motion, and be mindful of private property when playing this or other similar games.

Really? People need to be reminded by police to:

  • Look where they are going
  • To NOT trespass on private Property
  • To  NOT loiter

The neat thing about this game is that unlike typical video games, kids will get out of the house and play and not sit in front of a TV.

One individual responding to the DeKalb Police warning said:

I've seen more people walking around the streets of DeKalb downtown in that last 3 days than I've seen collectively in the last 6 months. If the business owners don't know how to capitalize on an opportunity that has fallen into their laps then they are fools. Complaining about foot traffic downtown! *slaps forehead*


If you are not familiar with Pokemon Go, check out the video below:


I'm not sure what I find more ridiculous, police having to waste time warning of the dangers of a video game or that parents have to remind their kids to be sensible.

Kids, get out and enjoy summer, but follow the rules.