Since pot became legal at the beginning of the year, many who partake still complain that they are being forced to enjoy weed in the privacy of their homes while bar patrons still get a chance to hang out with other people in public.

DeKalb's Aroma Hookah Bar is working on changing that. Working with the City Council to make amendments to local ordinances and regulations, they have now made it legal to smoke marijuana at their establishment.

The same rules and laws apply, as you must be 21 or older and must bring your own pot, but now smokers have a place to go and hang out with other smokers.

Aroma Hookah Bar will simply charge a "seat fee". Since they can't make money off selling anything, they need to make money somehow. Smokers will pay $7 for the first two hours and then $5 for every hour after according to the Daily Chronicle.

Do you think Rockford should allow hookah bars to cater to marijuana users?

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